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Service & Support

Test Impeller
Fabrication Service

This service creates a custom-order mixing impeller that suits the testing conducted with your own mixing vessel or with a material that is difficult to take outside your company.
We will propose an impeller shape that suits your process, and deliver a custom-order impeller together with a power curve chart.

Supported vessel capacities: 3 to 1000 L
Delivery: Approx. one month

Test Device
Rental Service

SHIPE‐STC Cooperation GmbH have rental devices for testing.
We provide a variety of devices including MAXBLEND, whose unique impeller shape exercises ground-breaking mixing characteristics.


Visit us to conduct the test. You will use our experimental facilities with the attendance of a specialized engineer who help you collect data necessary to determine the specification of mixing type of reactors including a separable flask and a production machine.
We also provide various types of impellers and internal devices.

& Spare Parts

How do you approach troubleshooting for a mixing device?
In addition to high-performance mixing impellers, MAXBLEND, our company has worked on tanks of mixing devices for many years in the pressure vessel business. Also, since our Group companies are manufacturing motors and speed reducers that power the devices, we are able to respond flexibly to the tasks from device development to troubleshooting after the delivery of devices. This is, as a Group, we have comprehensive knowledge about the agitators, which is different from those manufacturers specialized in impellers and tanks and our unique strength.